Frequently Asked Questions

We offer our same scanning services at Your Location, except for the destruction.  We are happy to come to you. 

We bring our laptops, scanners, software and a scan team to your location.  

If the project is large enough, we hire our scan team members from your local area.  We manage the team and do all the background checks.  All you need to do is provide us with the work space. 


We have a Unique Scanning Process to assure Accuracy.  We actually look at each of your scanned images four to five times during the project.  


During our care and custody, we maintain a Secure HIPAA environment for your records.  We have a secure production facility located on the grounds of an airport, which includes a fence surrounding our facility.    We use video surveillance, keyless entry protection, background checks, to mention just a few.  Electronic data is encrypted within our scanning software and is delivered with 256 encryption on a password protected portable drive.

We also offer our scanning services at your location.

Document Preparation

Prep is a very important part of scanning that is overlooked.  During the prep stage, every piece of paper is touched and looked at.  During this process Staples are removed, corners  “Dog Ears” are straightened, documents that require special attention are Flagged.  The attention to detail that is spent during prep will greatly help the documents to easily flow through the scanner quickly and without paper jams. 


We use high end industrial Fujitsu Scanners and Dokmee Capture scanning software to detect double feeds and image quality. 

We use a variety of scanning methods from bar code separators to manually feeding a folder at a time.  A test selection of documents are scanned at the beginning of each project for the client’s review and approval prior to starting production.


We have a number of different methods for Indexing.  We use OCR (optical character recognition), Zone OCR (specific area on the page)and Bar Codes when applicable.  We also have some wonderful Data Entry specialists that are very accurate.

Quality Assurance

After the records have been scanned, they are reviewed by a different set of eyes for Quality Assurance.  During the Quality Assurance process, Each Image is reviewed, by a human, for quality and indexing accuracy.  


The scanned images are delivered on a secure, encrypted and password protected Thumb Drive


We use a Xpress Shred, a certified destruction company for all of our shredding.  We provide a certificate of destruction upon request after the shredding has been completed.

Quality Control

As part of our Quality Control, we use more Scanners and Scan Technicians rather than a few of the big “hopper” scanners that scan so fast it would be impossible to watch each document or detect double feeds. Our scan technicians are trained to physically watch each document as it moves through the scanner along with watching the images on their large screen monitors.  After scanning, the technician counts the number of physical pages and compares with the number of images scanned, along with a review of the images.

The scanning process is broken down into 6 individual steps – Prep, Scan, Index, QA, Delivery & Destruction.  Each process has its own set of quality control rules to ensure accuracy.

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